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Kayak Kodiak Tour Info


Highly recommended! Tours must be set up at least 48 hours in advance. We have a limited inventory of kayaks, so make sure to secure your adventure opportunity well in advance. Those who try to time perfect weather shouldn’t be surprised when on that sunny day, others have beaten them to taking out our kayaks or renting the SUPs, leaving you stuck on dry land.

Private Tour Option

Let us help plan your perfect outing on the water. Book any of our tours as a private group. We can reach fringes of pristine, rocky coastlines all along the outlying Kodiak area, and can tailor private trips based on your interests, weather, and time frame. Our pricing is based on the size of your group, either 1-4 paddlers, or 5-8 paddlers. This can be an excellent option if you’d rather not take your chances with your fellow paddling crew. Especially recommended for those paddlers who want to cover more ground, paddle faster, and not be slowed down by novice kayakers.


Customers will receive a full refund or credit with one week or more notice of cancellation. Customers will receive a 50% refund for cancellations 3-6 days prior to the tour. No refund can be given for cancellations made at 48 hours or less. Should we have to cancel our scheduled tour due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances, all customers will receive a full refund or credit. If we are able to relocate the tour due to weather, all booked parties will be contacted to ensure the change is acceptable. Contact us by phone (907-512-5112) or email [email protected] to cancel or inquire about a cancellation. No-shows will be charged the full price. We have a very short season in our corner of Alaska, so we thank you for understanding our need for these policies.

Day of the Tour

We meet up at our put-in location where all equipment is ready to go so we can jump right into paddle instruction and boat fitting. After a short land lesson for our novices, we’re on our way! Each trip is paced to exactly what you want – we enjoy a leisurely paddle just as much as a kayak sprint and are happy to accommodate your needs. If you feel strongly about your desire for a specific kayak pace, please consider booking a private tour as we are limited to the abilities of ALL paddlers out on a tour with us. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


We offer both single and tandem high-performance, expedition-style kayaks for our tours. We default to using tandems for most all tours unless you specifically ask to paddle a single boat. For less experienced kayakers, our tandem vessels offer greater stability as well as an enhanced position for paddlers to take photos while their partner focuses on the steering of the kayak. All kayakers learn the essentials of mastering the kayak for their tour experience before we leave shore, so don’t worry if this is your first time! We’re happy to spend extra time with the newbies so that you feel 100% confident before pushing off from shore.

The cockpits of both our single and tandem kayaks have set width dimensions, so consider this before signing up for a tour. If the boat feels too small on you, you will feel extremely shaky and ill at ease on the water. We warn all guests of this up front as we know that you will not enjoy the expedition if you’re worried about tipping. Our singles have a cockpit width of 15 in and a max paddler capacity of 250 lbs, while our tandems have a cockpit opening of 21 in across and a combined paddler weight capacity of 550 lbs.

Tours will not be canceled due to rain. However, we will cancel a tour for high winds, heavy downpours, or other unsafe weather conditions.

Kodiak is called the Emerald Isle for a good reason – we get a lot of rain. But our island paradise wouldn’t erupt into its brilliant green each summer if it weren’t for this precipitation.

The best way to prep for our weather is to dress in layers. A t-shirt, fleece, light jacket/hoodie, and a rain jacket allow you to be prepared for any conditions you may experience.

So, at Kayak Kodiak, do as the locals do – throw on your rain jacket and a pair of Extratuffs and let’s go paddle!