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Updating our summer schedule!!


It feels like summertime on the island! And it’s not even April?! What the heck is going on?


Sunshine pouring down is melting the icy mountaintops and longer days mean later curfews and more playtime after work. Summer visitors are starting to send in their travel requests and we are getting into shape with some kayak training and strength building around here!

In the next few weeks, you’ll see our availability updated as much as we can allow so that you can start to plan for those long, gorgeous REAL summer days that are fast headed our way!

We’re adding a few new options to our menu this year, including our ‘Guide’s Choice’ tour which will allow guests to book a custom, private tour for their group- with our experienced local guide’s making the final call on where our sea kayak launch for that day will be. They will use the weather forecasts, knowledge of the tides, and recent marine life sightings to guide their decision for the personalized trek.

And as for custom trip- you let us know in advance what your interests are! Are you a marine bio fiend? Do you enjoy the local lore? Are you a history buff? Clue us in on your biggest desires and we’ll do our best to make the ultimate Kodiak paddle experience a reality for you.