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Happy Holidays to our kayak family!


Hey all! Happy Holidays from our Kayak Kodiak team here in Alaska!  We hope your season is full of laugher, good friends and delicious food throughout this darker time of the year! That’s right. The sun is down before 5pm these days and the sun is sleeping in later and later. No complaints here though! We’ve had excellent weather so far this winter- warmer days, calm waters for paddling and have helped a few Kodiak islanders get set up with kayaks for the coming season!


That’s one of the awesome parts of this job as we get to know our local paddle community and help it grow- introducing new adventurers young and old to the beauty, peace, adventure and exhilaration that all come from sea kayaking around our amazing little island here. We are truly lucky to call this island home and while we’re taking a break from the tour side of the business through the winter- we’re trying out some new gear so we can stock the local shop with our favorite finds through the spring and summer paddle seasons.  I don’t think I can help but snag a couple of these amazing close-out deals on top-of-the-line inflatable standup paddleboards! Some of these are marked off nearly $500 from asking price! If you want to talk about an awesome present to put under the tree, look no further 🙂


Over the next few weeks, we will shine the spotlight on a few of our favorite things in case you were stumped for the paddler in your life! Or just looking for an opinion on the best kayak paddle, paddle gloves for colder days, and more.


We just got this new website up and running thanks to our incredible Fareharbor team, so here’s a big shout-out to all those who helped get us live again! We’d be lost without you. Send us out in a storm on the sea without a compass and we’ll navigate back home just fine, but navigating the world of webpage coding and internet languages is a whole different realm way outside our comfort zone. So thanks again, thrilled to have you as part of our team!


Happy holidays all!

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